We all have a habit we would love to lose, right?

For some, it is soft drinks, sweet tea, or other sugary drinks. Others may struggle with junk food, sugary snacks, or empty calories. Regardless of the habit, it can be broken.

It takes 3 days to adjust to a change.

It takes 30 days to form a new habit.

It takes 60 days to make that new habit permanent.


So, how do you beat the bad habit? Here are a few steps to get you started…and remember: habits form over time from repetitive behavior! It takes new repeated behavior to make NEW, HEALTHIER habits!!

  1. When you want a soda, drink a bottle of water first. Often, we are simply thirsty and the Coke is the first thing we go to simply out of habit. If you drink the water, you may not want the soda after.
  2. Do not go cold turkey off of caffeine. Instead, try a sugar-free alternative: artificial sweetener to your coffee, diet soda, or mix your tea with half artificial sweetener and half sugar (gradually adding less and less sugar over time).
  3. You can also jazz up that water! Add a little lime or lemon to it and a packet of Splenda or a dash of Stevia. Sparkling water can also give you that carbonated fizz you may be missing from cutting back on the soda.
  4. Switch to green tea. It is better for you and you can artificially sweeten it as well.
  5. When you get a craving for the junk food you have grown to love, try a piece of fruit first. Maybe try replacing the candy bar with fruit every other time in the beginning. Soon, you will be subconsciously choosing the fruit!

One 12 ounce soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar (that is double what one person should have total in ONE day). Many of us are guilty of drinking multiple sodas in one day.

Start today making SMALL CHANGES to begin new HABITS.


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