Industry professionals know that a healthy employee decreases costs, increases productivity, and creates a more positive work environment for their company. Over 35% of our country is considered overweight or obese. Weight gain contributes to increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, sleep apnea, joint and bone pain, immobility, and disability.

Employee Wellness Programs are very beneficial to the employer and employee. However, getting a program developed, initiated, and well-ran can be difficult.

I can help your corporation, big or small, implement an Employee Wellness Program.

  • Scheduled educational classes on diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle modifications
  • Diet plans to assist employees in reaching their goals
  • Monthly monitoring: on site, by phone, text, or email
  • Weight loss competitions
  • Program guidance
  • Employee assistance and health supervision

I have developed Weight Management Programs and have the professional and clinical experience to offer a concise, comprehensive, and affordable plan for companies or groups of any size.

I work with groups large and small and offer a wide array of services:

  • Comprehensive corporate employee wellness provider
  • Small group facilitator (Churches, Social Clubs, Organizations)