Losing weight is a mental game. Much of weight loss take place between our ears. 

What we think and how our thoughts are projected in our actions, can predict how successful we will be at weight loss and weight maintenance. 

Diet implies brevity. A temporary state. Even if the current diet plan you are on is not permanent, your thoughts, actions, and reactions are!


Here are the Essentials to Making the Weight Loss STICK this time around:


One Day At A Time: And each day repeating the new habits that you wish to form. No one wakes up one morning and changes every thing at once! It takes repeated behavior over and over to finally become a habit you do without even thinking about it. 

Do Not Let a Fumble Take You Out of the Game: How many times have you said, “well, I blew my diet with meal…I’ll start over tomorrow” and then a thousand tomorrows later you are still waiting to lose that weight? 

Have a Plan: Then, always have a Plan B! Life happens and even the most well laid plans get messed up. You can be prepared with meal prepping, having your meal replacement products on hand, and counted your calorie to the 10th decimal BUT sometimes crap happens. What is your back-up plan? 

Never Stop Keeping Tabs: Self-monitoring should be a permanent part of your daily regimen. Will you always carry a spiral notebook around? Probably not (although I would not judge you if you did)…but, you will always be counting those calories and monitoring your portion sizes.

Drink Water the MOST: Notice the wording…the MOST. I am not saying you must forever say goodbye to diet sodas, artificially sweetened tea or other beverages. I am saying, make water your main gig. I know some of us hate water (can I get an amen?) but you can ensure you get enough H2O if you plan it out: Have 8-10 oz when you first wake-up (I drink this while getting ready in the morning), 8-10 oz at lunch before you eat (this will help reduce the amount of food you eat), and 8-10 oz before you go to bed. I also made a deal with myself. I allow myself to drink Diet Dr. Pepper but I must have a bottle of water between each soda I have during the day. Now, I find it hard to fit one soda into my day!

Stop Making this so Hard: Remove foods, snacks, and drinks that tempt you from your home, office, or work space. We all know what our triggers and weaknesses are. So, get them out of your line of vision, remove them from your pantry or refrigerator. Do not buy them when you grocery shop. If the trigger is not there, you cannot eat it.

Slowly Become More Active: Note I said “slowly”. If you have not seen the inside of a gym in 10 years, I highly recommend you not jump into an aerobics class 5 days a week. You will hurt yourself or burn out quickly. Instead, take it slow and easy. Increase the amount of time and the vigor of your exercise every week to 2 weeks to allow your body to adjust.

Shout It From the Rooftop (or post it on Social Media…same thing): Make your life changes known to every one around you. They can either support you, cheer you on, or sit back and wait for you to fail (yes, people do that). But, regardless of what they choose, you have made it clear that you will no longer be participating in bad habits. 

Reframe Your Brain: Change your thoughts and you will change your life. Sometimes we have to “sell” ourselves on this whole lifestyle change. Use some marketing strategies on yourself. Make your thoughts and statements positive, not negative. 


For more information on weight loss, dieting, and making permanent lifestyle changes, visit my website and read more on my Weigh Beyond online weight loss program and OPTIFAST nutritional meal replacements. 

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  • January 8, 2018 at 11:04 AM

    Great help. Keep’em coming. Thanks Doc.


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