Because my program is designed to customize a weight loss plan to meet your individual needs, a set price cannot be determined without knowing about you, your goals, and your life.

Everyone struggles with weight and each of us have unique obstacles and circumstances that affect that struggle.

A free, no obligation tele-consultation will provide you with a complete summary of what your weight loss plan will cost.

Book a Free Consultation

No obligation!!

Each participant in my online program starts with a free consultation via phone or video chat.

Health risks or concerns are addressed during this time along with your personal goals for weight loss.

(You may be asked to provide a medical release from your primary care provider)

After talking with you about your goals, fears, plans, and concerns I will develop a plan tailored just for YOU!

This program is specifically designed to help you start losing weight NOW.

Based on evidence-based guidelines for weight loss and proven clinical experience without the hassle of waiting for an appointment or paying extra fees for seeing someone in an office setting!!!

You do not have to wait for an appointment to get started!

We all live busy lives and often “storefront” weight loss programs do not fit into our schedules. Most require visits, weigh-ins, and group meetings. In this time of telehealth, this is possible through online services.

You will self-monitor (weigh, keep a food journal, ect…) and have virtual visits with me weekly along with access to fitness and exercise professionals, counselors, and nutrition experts. All via your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone!!!!

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