Type weight-loss into a search engine…

WOW! The results are astounding. There are literally thousands of different diet plans.

Some claim to offer the most weight loss. Some claim to offer weight-loss in the quickest time-frame. Some claim celebrities have lost pounds on their plan. And, others claim to have the secret to weight-loss (which does not exist, by the way).

Here are some I found when I simply typed “weight loss” into Google search:

Drink this for a flatter tummy in days

Dr. “Celebrity TV Host’s” Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

Lose 2 inches in 2 weeks!

How to lose 20 pounds FAST

12 ways to drop 5 pounds in one week

10 pounds in 10 days

3 steps to losing weight fast

This does not include all the commercial weight-loss programs out there!

So, how do you sort through these offers and find the genuine program? The weight-loss plan that offers safe, effective results?

Well, you could spend weeks researching some of the latest clinical studies to find the most scientific based plan…

You could read feedback and comments on public forums regarding each plan…

You could look at testimonials from others who have tried a plan…

OR, you can quickly weed-out the fad diets, too-good-to-be-true diets, and the plans that are more focused on taking your money than losing weight with these simple steps:

  1. Does the weight-loss plan offer great results in a short time frame?
    • Large amounts of weight lost in a few days or a few weeks is most likely not weight. Many fasting diets and food restricting diets will cause fluid loss. This is not real weight and once you go back to a regular diet, you will regain that fluid. A flatter tummy in 2 days is simply an empty gut and fluid loss!
  2. It is the latest and greatest way to lose weight.
    • There is a new kid on the weight-loss block every week. In my 20+ years of “dieting”, I can name numerous plans that have come and gone. Do they work? Sure, many of them give you quick results UNTIL you stop doing them. Don’t be fooled by an overnight weight loss success plans.
  3. Does the weight-loss plan offer pills, patches, drinks, or supplements that will make the weight fall from you?
    • My patients come to me with these products weekly. They are usually something a friend of a family member tried and they lost 40 pounds. Is it safe? We do not know…
    • Most of these gimmicks are sold commercially and the contents of the medication, patch, or supplement is not governed by the FDA.
    • Most of the time they are just good old vitamins with a stimulant thrown in. Naturally, the vitamins make you feel great and the stimulant (caffeine or other) will give you energy. The same effect can be achieved by a good vitamin supplement.
  4. Does the weight-loss program require a “buy-in”?
    • Is it a pyramid scheme? You buy into the product line and sell it to others for profit?
    • Does the plan push you into selling more and more so that others at the base of the pyramid make more money?
    • I am not debunking a good multi-level marketing plan but remember: they are selling a product not a weight-loss solution!
  5. Is the weight-loss plan teaching you tools that you can live with?
    • A diet that restricts you to one food or food group is not a diet you can live on. Our bodies need a balance of micronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) to survive.
    • A good weight-loss plan may have extreme eating restrictions for effective weight loss, but it also includes a plan to transition you back to normal eating patterns.
    • A good weight-loss plan will teach you lifestyle changes, behavior modification, and new healthy habits to help you sustain your weight loss. In other words, the plan will help you lose the weight and teach you how to keep it off.

There are honest, safe, and proven weight-loss programs out there. Remember, KNOWLEDGE is POWER. Know what you want and do your homework.

A safe, effective, research proven weight-loss plan will have these features:

  • A sound, medically supported plan
  • Is professionally developed
  • Has proven lifestyle changing strategies
  • Addresses more than just what you eat. Such as the mental, emotional, environmental, biological, and genetic factors to weight gain and weight loss.
  • Offers therapeutic help with behavioral issues: poor food choices, destructive eating patterns, barriers to weight loss, and personal triggers
  • Offers motivational tools to assist you in your weight-loss journey
  • Offers permanent solutions for continued weight loss and maintenance of your new weight
  • Equips you with knowledge and information to continue losing weight without draining your wallet
  • Is sustainable: offers a plan you can live by

Find the plan that is right for you! For evidence-based facts on my weight-loss program, Weigh Beyond the DIETâ„¢, read more here…

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Losing weight is not rocket science nor is it magic. With the right professional, the right plan, the right motivation, and the right knowledge…weight loss is yours to achieve!

Dr. Angela Jones is a Doctorate of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, and a Certified Health Coach. She has been practicing for over 15 years, has 10+ years of education, and has developed, implemented, and directed a successful, clinically based weight loss program. She has also conducted research on the effects of Intensive Behavioral Therapy and weight loss. Her Weigh Beyond the Diet Online Program is based on evidence-based research and professional expertise.