Research has shown meal replacement, in the form of shakes, bars, and soups, to be highly effective for weight loss.


I am ask daily, “but isn’t it just an easy way to lose weight?”, “What happens when I stop using the meal replacements? Will I gain the weight back?”…


Meal replacements are not designed to be a temporary solution for weight loss. Often, many solutions for weight loss get misused…medications, exercise programs, and food restrictions included.


But, there is a science to using meal replacements and making them work for you. If used properly, under professional guidance, patience can enjoy the following benefits:


Decreased stress about “what to eat”: this vacation from food in the initial weeks of your diet lets you concentrate on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and not stress about what you will eat next, how many calories it contains, and how much you can have. This is called stimuli narrowing.

Calorie and Portion Control: with meal replacements, you need not keep a food journal or count calories because they are set for you. When you are changing your way of eating, this one less task can make a huge difference in your success.

Money Saved on Food: patients are usually concerned about the cost of meal replacement products but after they stop to add up the money they spend on groceries and dining out each week, they quickly realize they will actually save money on meal replacements. No more junk or snack foods (which are the most expensive items we buy), no more impulse purchases, and no more outrageous restaurant tabs. 

Long-Term Health Benefits: Diabetics see an immediate improvement in their blood sugar. Patients with high blood pressure will eventually lower their dosage or get to stop their meds completely. And, blood cholesterol levels lower in just 6 weeks or less. In addition, those who have hip and knee pain find relief and increased mobility with just a moderate amount of weight loss. 

Faster Results: weight just comes off faster when you are on a low-calorie diet plan that is structured to provide you with the perfect balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It is amazing how quickly your body will let you lose unwanted pounds when you are feeding it the right nutrients consistently. And, the greatest predictor of future weight loss is weight loss!

Increased Energy and Metabolism: by eating on a schedule through-out the day, you will find your energy level will improve. Food is fuel that stokes our metabolism furnace. When you eat a bar or drink a shake every 2 to 3 hours, you keep the fire in your furnace burning bright. This gives you increased energy and allows you to burn more of those unwanted pounds.

Professional Supervision: we have all been guilty of saying, “I can do this myself” but even I know accountability works. I do this every day but I need someone to guide me! And, having a professional who knows the ropes can help you lose the weight in a healthy and safe way. 

Lifestyle Coaching: I do more than just hold you accountable. I teach you about change. I teach you about those behaviors we have formed in life that have led us here. I teach you how to conquer them and create new, healthier habits. And, I love what I do.

Knowledge To Take With You: My goal is for each of my patients to leave my program leaner, healthier, and happier and equipped with the tools to stay that way for life.

Confidence, Increased Self-Esteem, and Happiness: After years of dieting and failing, you can finally call this one a success. And, although nothing is linear and you will have setbacks and relapses, you are on the right path. 


Okay, so I sold you meal replacements. But, what products or programs are the best? There are so many choices and clever marketing can make it difficult to have confidence in your decisions. 

Keep these tips in mind:

  • if you have irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, or gluten allergy/sensitivity choose shakes and bars that are gluten and lactose free
  • do your research- can the company manufacturing the product support their claims of weight loss success?
  • what types of added sugars are they using? 
  • yes, you CAN get too much protein- our kidneys are stressed when they must filter too much protein at one time so look for meal replacements that provide 10-15 grams a serving like my OPTIFAST shakes, bars, and soups
  • avoid casein- it is a form of protein used in some products- whey or soy is a better option
  • lastly- are they professionally approved? Are they made by FDA standards? Are they scientifically-based? What does research show about the product?
  • taste should be your last concern- remember switching to diet sodas? Any meal replacement product is going to pale (in the beginning) to a juicy cheeseburger…but the more you use it, the better it will taste and it is not a permanent plan. I offer ways to jazz up the OPTIFAST shakes and soups to give them variety 


I would love to answer more questions you may have on meal replacements and weight loss.

Email or message and let’s talk!



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