**The following information is for Nestle employees, spouses, and dependent children only:


A comprehensive, minimum 18-week weight loss program that includes:


  • 12 weeks of full meal replacements
  • 4 weeks of partial meal replacements
  • Weekly classes
  • Weekly weigh-ins with RN (Ashley)
  • Access to MYJOURNEY online weight loss support
  • Weekly educational emails
  • Text tips and reminders
  • Telecommunication, videos, live chat
  • Group Support

You, your spouse, and (dependent) children 17-26 are eligible for the program. 

You must have a BMI of 28 kg/m² to participate. 

NESTLE reimburses 90% of your costs for Meal Replacements up to $2000◊

Price breakdown:

Weekly purchase of meal replacements for first 12 weeks= $157.50

Nestle reimburses 90% of this.

Your cost= $15.75/week


Weekly classes= $15/week for 18 weeks

Your cost= $15/week

This can be paid for with Health Savings Funds*


Initial physical, labs, and EKG with your primary care provider= Insurance billed

Your cost= Co-pay only

*If you do not have a primary care provider, we will find one for you


Your TOTAL cost per week= $30.75

Your TOTAL cost for meal replacements= $200

Your TOTAL cost for 18 weeks of classes= $270


Weekly classes are mandatory and we are working on a location that is convenient for you.

You will receive your weekly meal replacements at the class location when you attend.

Classes will focus on behavior changes, diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle. They also will offer helpful group support as everyone attending will be participating in the OPTIFAST© Program as well.

*If you have a Health Spending Account, it can be used to offset YOUR COSTS for the program:

  • Class fee
  • The $15.75 for Meal Replacements that is not covered by Nestle
  • Nestle reimburses a total of $2000 for the 18-week program
  • Nurse weigh-ins, online support, apps, text tips, weekly reminders, and telecommunication with Dr. Angela are all complimentary and have no cost
  • An initial physical exam, labs, and EKG are required before beginning the program
  • If you have seen your PCP and received a physical exam, the required labs, and an EKG within the last 6 months, you can use this visit as your initial work-up (it must meet all criteria to count)
  • The $15/week class fee is paid at the time of class. No advance is required. However, you MUST pay at the time of class.
  • Be on time for your group session. If you are 15 mins+ late, you will not be permitted to attend.
  • You must stay for the duration of the class. We are working on a location and time that suits all shifts and accommodates those who drive a lengthy distance to work.
  • What is said in the group class is confidential.
  • Children are not allowed in group class (unless they are a dependent child 17 or older who is a participant in the program)

OPTIFAST© patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds.

The program I am providing for Nestle employees is a mandatory 18-weeks but class attendance and participation can be extended.

OPTIFAST© is a science-based program that delivers weight loss for health gains. It is supported by 80 publications and ongoing research and it has a long-standing legacy in clinical nutrition with more than 40 years of experience in weight loss.

For more info, read here.

For information on me, Dr. Angela Jones, click here.

I look forward to working with each of you on your weight loss journey!!

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