Weigh Beyond the Diet online weight-loss program using OPTIFAST® offers various program options:


  • 30 days
  • 6 weeks 
  • 12 weeks (3 months)
  • 16 weeks (4 months)
  • 24 weeks (6 months)


The weight loss program includes:


  • Weekly, organized lessons
  • Support from a qualified professional 
  • Daily email communication
  • Videos and live chat
  • Text tips and reminders
  • 12-16 weeks of OPTIFAST® meal replacement products
  • Transition food plans
  • Tools to track your progress (food journals, activity logs, online resources)
  • Regular feedback on goals, progress, and results through online forums, email, phone, text, and live chat
  • Group support from others on their own weight loss journey
  • Ongoing education and information (lifetime)

OPTIFAST® products are portion controlled and calorically precise. They are lactose free with low levels of artificial sweetener, and gluten free*.


You will have complete nutritional and behavioral support through:


  • The Active Weight Loss Stage
  • The Transition Stage
  • The Maintenance Stage


Weight loss is not the only benefit noted with the use of OPTIFAST®:


OPTIFAST® who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds with weight loss-related improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels¹².



OPT-IN: The price of the program includes all OPTIFAST® meal replacements, educational information, professional services, and access to group support, weekly emails, instructional videos, text tips, and online self-monitoring and assistance. 




Your cost is as little as $100/week**

Opt-In with no obligation.

You will receive a confirmation email with complete program details.


* All OPTIFAST® are gluten-free but the meal replacement bars are manufactured in a facility that uses gluten

** Price of program is dependent upon program length and plan chosen. All pricing described in detail when opting in via email

¹ Ard JD, Schroeder MC, Kivilaid K, et al. 2014. Practical application of a comprehensive weight management program in patients with and without metabolic syndrome. J Obes Weight Loss Ther, S4:007, doi:10.4172/2165-7904.S4-007

² Drawart S, Bedford, K, Largent D. 1996. Change in glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol with weight loss in medically obese patients. Obesity Research, 4(S1):67S

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