30 Days to Change Online Program

30 Day Online Weight-Loss for only $199: Professional guidance, Clinically proven nutritional meal replacements, easy meal plans, lifestyle education, personal access, and group support at your fingertips. No appointments, no hassle or wait time, start when you are ready. Meal replacements delivered to your door and educational material to your inbox.

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OPTIFAST® 800 Online Plan

Optifast Weight Loss: The serious solution with over 40 years of experience and scientifically proven results. * 5 meal replacements per day * Lifestyle Education * Professional Guidance * Nutritional Education * Group Support * Ongoing Help Throughout the Maintenance Phase

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Wine and Weight Loss

A social mixer with a little wine and the most effective solution for dropping those extra, unwanted pounds! In the company of close friends. In the privacy of your home. No obligation. Come sip and learn about the OPTIFAST plan and sustainable weight loss.

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OPTIFAST 800 Weight-Loss Program

OPTIFAST 800 Weight-Loss Program

Lose weight, develop a healthier lifestyle, and make permanent changes. A personalized, comprehensive, and individualized program with Optifast’s proven results.

Wine and Weight Loss

Wine and Weight Loss

We all know some things are better accomplished in numbers. Weight loss should be fun and what is more fun than friends and wine?

Online Weight Loss: NEW 30 Day Program

Online Weight Loss: NEW 30 Day Program

My 30 Day Online Weight Loss Program offers online support through daily emails with educational, nutritional, & informational support. Professional guidance and counseling. Meal plans and OPTIFAST Meal Replacements for satiety, nutritional completion, and accelerated weight loss.

When I started Optifast, I was worried about getting hungry. But, the products are very satisfying and I have lost 30 pounds in just 8 weeks!

Renda Optifast Client

I started Optifast to prevent further weight gain from high dose steroids. I was able to lose 8 pounds with Optifast and a meal plan in just 6 weeks. I am very pleased with my weight loss in just the short weeks I participated.

Mallory Optifast Client

My life is incredible, and not just because of compliments, confidence, and smaller jeans; my life is incredible because I can dance once again

Tara Optifast Participant

When my doctored ordered oxygen for me 24/7, I knew I had to do something to save my life. Several doctors suggested weight loss surgery, but one suggested the Optifast Program. I chose Optifast and I am so happy I did!

Patricia Optifast Participant
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