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The Key to Weight Loss Success

Keys to Weight Loss Success:

1. Willingness to Change:

What stage of change are you currently in?

a. Pre-contemplation: You have no intention of changing. You just cannot see it happening right now in your life. It angers you to be nagged by family and friends about it.

b. Contemplation: You know there is a problem or something you need to do about your weight and you are considering taking the steps to do so. You fear failure.

c. Preparation: You start to make plans to change but may not be totally convinced yet.

d. Action: You have made a move toward changing your diet. Made the appointment. Been to first appointment to see what the program is about. Actively making changes.

e. Maintenance: Working to maintain what you have lost, prevent fallbacks or lapses.

Circle the question(s) that best describe you right now:

1. I solved my problem more than 6 months ago.

2. I have taken action about my problem within the last 6 months.

3. I am intending to take action within the next month.

4. I am intending to take action within the next 6 months.

If you did not circle any questions: You are in the Pre-Contemplative stage

If you circled only #4: Contemplative

If you circled only #3 and #4: Pre-contemplation

If you circled only #2 but not #1: Action

If you circled #1: Maintenance stage

2. Motivation:

What is driving you to make this change?

· Discovered in the Contemplation stage

· What are your goals?

· Your “WHY”

3. Knowledge:

· Preparation stage:

· Basic facts about what you should be eating, how much you should be eating, and when you should be eating.

· Knowing how to determine true dieting information from gimmicks and marketing ploys.

4. Plan:

· Preparation and Action stages

· How will you accomplish this weight loss?

· Focusing on small goals

· Keeping the long-term goal in your sights

5. Identifying your barriers:

· Preparation stage but is ongoing through Action and Maintenance

· What challenges will you PERSONALLY face?

6. Identifying your strengths:

· Preparation and Action with ongoing reevaluation

· What personality traits can work in your favor?

· How motivated are you?

7. Continued Self-Monitoring:

· Action and Maintenance stages

· Never stop being mindful of what you eat

· Never stop weighing

· Never stop self-assessment

· Maintain control of your environment

· Always keep goals a priority

Dr. Angela Jones, DNP, MSN, FNP, CHC 2017

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