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A Christmas Wish for You: Finding happiness in the present

If you are reading this, I can assume you are trying to lose or want to start trying.

The first thing I want you to know is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Comedian Tom Papa summed up our societies struggle with weight best:

"You're either really fat, kind of fat, or trying not to be fat. But, either way, fat is coming for you."

(Disclaimer: I do not like the word "fat" but I do love the quote)

You will meet very few people in life who have not struggled with weight gain. It is an ongoing cycle.

And, I say "cycle" because no one ever conquers the battle to never have to fight it again. Whether it be 5 pounds or 50, everyone is always trying to lose weight at some point in their life.

When we look at weight control through a chronic lens, it only makes sense we approach it as a chronic condition. When we realize this condition is an ongoing process, we can start focusing on the present and stop putting our life on pause until we reach that "perfect weight".

Because, that is what most of us do, right?

We tell ourselves we will be happy when we've reached our goal weight, lost "x" number of pounds, fit into a certain size clothing, or feel good about our bodies.

That day will never come and stay forever.

You will reach your goal weight many times. You will lose "x" number of pounds many times. You will get in your skinny jeans many times.

You will also regain weight because life happens and weight control is an ongoing.

We leave home, we get married, we get pregnant, we go through menopause, we have a major surgery, we get diagnosed with a chronic illness, we become depressed, we get a sedentary job, we retire, we live through a pandemic ...

There are so many unavoidable factors in life that impact our weight.

My wish is that you learn to embrace the present. Love the "not at my goal weight" you.

Because, you are more than a number on a scale, a BMI chart, or a pant size. And, life is too short to put things on hold until you feel you've accomplished your goal.

I have battled this planning an upcoming anniversary trip with my husband and it sparked the thoughts for this blog post.

I had goals to exercise more in the months leading up to our trip. I wanted to be in better shape physically and I set unrealistic expectations for myself.

Guess what? I failed miserably. I have been struggling to avoid negative feelings about myself which, I know, would inevitably put a damper on our vacation.

These thoughts led me to you.

Are you holding back on a trip, attending an event, hosting a holiday party, buying new clothes, having your photo taken, going out with friends, putting on that swimsuit, or meeting someone new because you have yet to reach that magic number on the scales?

Stop postponing happiness for a future version of yourself. "Today You" deserves happiness too.

And, most importantly, "Today You" deserves self-love.

Everything that makes you an individual, makes you unique, makes you special, exist regardless of your body size or weight.

So, get out there and live life while smashing those goals!

Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays and an awesome New Year,


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