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All I Want For Christmas is to be Covid Free

I had a much different plan for this one week till Christmas blog post.

I never expected to be trapped inside my home on day five of Covid-19 but here I am.

Now, with the holiday looming, me being the ultimate procrastinator, and my mental fog and physical fatigue, I feel so unprepared for it! But, at least this year I have an excuse:)

These five days have allowed me much time to contemplate life. And, gain 10 pounds...

The age-old myth, "I am one flu away from my goal weight" is truly a myth and applies to covid as well. I have found myself eating out of boredom, as well as, eating and drinking the wrong things.

I have succumbed to "permission based" over indulgence because I feel bad physically and I deserve it, right? Not really...

I need to eat more when I am sick to maintain my strength and heal quickly, right? The balanced, healthy diet I was observing prior to becoming sick with covid, is sufficient. You may feed a cold and starve a flu but I have not seen the data on how to nourish a corona virus.

What I do know: allowing yourself fruits and vegetables (in moderation) will provide you with vitamin C to bust your immune system. Getting plenty of water will keep you hydrated and combat the fatigue and mental fog. It will also soothe a sore throat.

Everyone should be on the following vitamins if they have Covid-19: vitamin D, calcium, and zinc.

My symptoms have been textbook thus far. I woke on the first day with a sore throat, congestion, cough, headache, body aches, and fever. The headache, fever, and cough have stuck with me over the last 4 days but have been manageable with Tylenol, Motrin, and cough medication.

And then, on day 3, the infamous loss of taste hit me. That followed with loss of smell on day 4 and the food is not as palatable since. Most has a very chemical fume sensation to it and bitter seems to be the only taste I can pick up in anything.

You are probably thinking, "well, that should keep one from overeating"... and your logic is sound but not necessarily true...

I spent most of the yesterday evening searching for something that did not taste bad, resulting in eating far too much without any enjoyment from it.

Even during times of illness, there are things to learn about our eating habits and food choices.

I have been very fortunate to not have a serious case of covid and hope and pray you do not have to suffer it. But, here are some take away tips in the event you need it:

  1. Permission based eating is just that. You feel sorry for yourself and want to eat whatever you want. You are sick! It stinks. The only thing you have to look forward to is food. But, the first step is recognizing this altered thinking and stop yourself from over-indulging. Ask that family member or friend who so desperately wants to help you to drop some healthy snacks and foods off at your door. Throw away the junk so you are not tempted. And, if you just do not have the energy to keep a food journal, plan your meals and snacks out for the day just as if it were taking medication. Besides, you probably need to eat when you take medication anyway.

  2. Water, water, and more water. Fever, even low grade, can deplete us of fluids. Drinking water will keep you hydrated, soothe your sore throat, improve your ability to cough up any lung congestion or blow out head congestion. Water is the lubrication your body needs.

  3. With the loss of taste and smell, I found sweeter foods and drink to be more tolerable and easier to taste. However, most of these things are loaded with sugar. So, instead, stock up on sugar free popsicles, sugar-free jello, water flavoring packets, and other low carb snacks along with fresh fruits.

  4. Remember, PROTEIN. It is the building blocks in your body and when we are sick, we need plenty of protein to heal. If your taste and smell are altered, meat may not be the most palatable food. But, you can drink protein shakes, eat beans or legumes, drink broth, or allow yourself some dairy (barring you do not have the GI symptoms too).

  5. Take your vitamins. Not only will they assist you in fighting off the covid virus, they will give your body the resources otherwise found in food. Supplementing these vitamins allows you to not overeat to get sufficient amounts.

Most of all, I hope everyone has a safe and covid-free holiday. I hope these tips were helpful and discernable as my brain is not working on 100%...

And, if you do develop symptoms of covid, do not delay being seen by a health care provider. If you are exposed, quarantine for 14 days. We are now seeing the aftermath of gathering for Thanksgiving. Lets not make the same mistake in December.

And, have a Happy Holiday Season,


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