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Burnout doesn't mean "pig out"

With many of us choosing to have low key holidays this year due to covid-19, it seems logical that we would not worry as much about overeating and weight gain during the holiday season.

But, with the stress of 2020 and the holiday change of plans, comes another trigger to eat.

Most of us are suffering from 2020 Burnout. I personally, just want this year to end and pray 2021 has a better turnout.

With burnout comes decreased motivation, an overwhelming array of emotions, increased anxiety, exhaustion (mental and physical), and an edginess that makes us so easily triggered.

You may not be preparing the typical Thanksgiving spread but sitting at home, feeling blue because you are not seeing family, and stressing about the future can still cause us to eat more. And, eat more of the things we normally would not indulge in.

A change in our holiday tradition can throw us off course even if it doesn't cause emotional distress. Maybe you are taking a road trip to spend a secluded weekend with immediate family? This could mean more takeout food or munching more while cooped up in that cabin in the woods.

Don't let the holiday disarray and burnout trigger you to eat!

1. Keep your mind on the goal. No journey is smooth and without bumps in the road. We must learn to navigate those bumps.

"Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up" - Rocky Balboa

2. Acknowledge your feelings (exhaustion, sadness, loneliness, anger, anxiety) and devise a plan to avoid eating your way through them. Start a journal, talk to a friend, find a new hobby, or get up and move.

3. Enjoy the foods you love through the holidays but remember to maintain moderation. Where do you want to see yourself come January 1st? Keep that goal in mind as you make choices.

4. Remind yourself regularly that this is not the "new norm" and family filled holiday gatherings will happen again.

For now, stay safe! And, avoid burnout.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!


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