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Phases of the Weight Loss Journey

Our weight loss journey can be much like a relationship with someone you love.

If you are married or in a lifelong relationship, think back to the beginning of your love affair...

The Hype:

We are love drunk in those early days of a relationship and the same can be said about the beginning of our weight loss journey!

You are pumped, excited, feel this time is going to better and different than all the times before.

You want to do it all. Completely transform your life for this weight loss endeavor.

You are motivated.

The Honeymoon:

Your motivation reaches an all time high and you feel invincible. Until the honeymoon is over...

The Plummet:

You have removed the rose colored glasses and can see the reality. Just like a marriage. He or she starts to annoy you with their habits, ticks, and quirks.

With weight loss, you may begin to realize you have gave up things you truly want: sugary snacks, alcohol, bread, ect...

The newness and hype have subsided and now you just feel deprived. This is normal and we all go through this phase. But, like marriage, you do not automatically leave the person just because you realized they are not perfect!

The Lapse:

This is the part that trips us all up. We can get caught up in negative thoughts that sway our behavior. Thinking you have failed at another diet or feel the end goal is daunting and far away that you will never reach it.

However, there are a great many things to be learned in the phase. We can recognize our reaction to stress, fatigue, depression, boredom and learn how to adjust those behaviors toward healthier responses.

Weight loss is not a linear journey. There are many ups and downs, twists and turns, lapses and surges that you will go through.

The key to making the journey a success is staying on course through all of the "off the route" adventures! And, use these opportunities to learn more about your personal relationship with food.

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