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Losing weight while avoiding covid-19

The CDC has recommended social distancing to avoid further spread of the corona virus.

Many of you have made the mandatory trip to the grocery store to find shelves stripped of the essentials.

While preparing for voluntary isolation from the public over the next several weeks, it is important to stock up on foods that promote your weight loss and not prevent it!

Here are some tips to get us all through this health care scare:

1. Stock up on frozen vegetables. They will last, while frozen, and are healthier than canned vegetables with less salt and added preservatives.

2. Some staples must be bought in a can. Choose low sodium, low sugar options when possible. Also, rinse with water in a strainer before preparing to remove any excess sodium and preservatives.

3. When buying fresh produce, it can cause a panic to eat it all before it expires. So, substitute things like eggs with egg beaters. Buy chicken and tuna canned. Avoid lunch meats and do not buy fruits and vegetables that are not in season. They will cost more and will most likely ruin before you have an opportunity to consume them. However, some fresh fruits can be saved! When your bananas start turning brown, peel them and dice them. Then, store them in the freezer in a ziplock bag. They make great additions to protein shakes and can be a substitute for ice when blending.

4. Make larger than normal pots of soup that can be consumed as leftovers for days. Cook meats in bulk in a crockpot or instapot. Store in the refrigerator and use only the portions you need each night to create different meals.

5. Stock up on other foods that have a longer shelf life but make filling additions to your meal: beans, lentils, quinoa to name a few.

6. Substitute one or two meals with protein shakes or bars. They have great shelf lives and will help facilitate your weight loss!

7. Avoid empty calories such as fruit juices, sugary drinks, sugary snacks, potato chips, and breakfast cereals. Stock up on bottled water, diet sodas (if you drink them), tea bags to make unsweet or artificially sweetened tea, and coffee.

8. Flavor your food with cinnamon, cumin, tumeric, and other herbs/seasonings that provide anti-inflammatory and immune boosting.

And remember to practice social distancing. It is the most effective way to halt the exponential progression of any epidemic. No hand shaking, hugging, or sharing close proximity with others outside your home. Avoid gatherings where there will be more than 50 people. Wash your hands and cough and sneeze into your elbow.

Most importantly, avoid contact with others if you are sick. Most clinics will advise you to stay home if your have symptoms of covid-19 unless you develop complications.

Seek the advice of your primary care provider!

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