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Portion Distortion

Controlling portions is important in losing weight and maintaining.

Why is portion control so important?

1. It assists us in keeping caloric content within a weight healthy range.

2. It keeps us mindful of what we are eating and how much we are eating.

3. It maintains a healthy eating habit that will assist us for a lifetime.

If we successfully avoid overindulgence the majority of the time, it will soon become a habit.

When we paid no heed to portion control, we allow our brain and our gut to drift apart. They fail to communicate effectively to alert us we are full.

Purposefully measuring our food, placing it on a plate, and sitting down to eat will help insure we maintain proper portions.

How can we practice portion control?

1. Use a small plate. By using a side plate or salad plate, we can cut the amount of food we eat by 30%.

2. Fill the majority of that plate with healthy foods: green vegetables. Then, add a lean meat and starch.

3. Measure, measure, measure! Use your food scales and measuring cups to insure you are eating the proper portion. Eventually, you will learn what a proper portion of certain foods looks like.

Remember to measure your foods, save the biggest spot on your plate for those green veggies, and use a small plate to trick your mind into thinking you have a lot!

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