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Some Things I Learned While Quarantined with Covid

Nothing like 10-14 days of isolation to bring about some self-awareness and enlightenment (just ask Tom Hanks)...

Aside from befriending inanimate objects, I have picked up on a few others things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed...

1.) I flirt with "being sick" 24/7. It comes with the profession. I know just enough to make wild assumptions every time I feel a pain, get a tickle in my throat, or get a rash. But, I clearly had forgotten that sometimes something hits you and you remember, "oh yeah, this is sick".

Thank you for the reminder, covid...

2.) Fever-induced art is not really "good art". Especially after the fever breaks and you look at it with a normal body temp... This one does pose some questioning to all that great art, poetry, and literature that came from those eras before riddled with death, sickness, and plague? Perhaps my work is just not The Black Death magnitude... I don't know?

3.) My cat's "we love having you at home with us" threshold is exactly 8 days.

4.) You can Netflix and chill for just so long... there is a time limit.

5.) On the Netflix note, we need more Designing Women, Bob's Burgers, house flipping shows, and serial killer documentaries. I beat the boss on all of these.

6.) You can lose your taste and smell and continue to eat. Even, overeat.

7.) How much I have taken for granted the flu vaccine. I can honestly say, I have not had the flu in 20+ years and it shows. On a side note, I will be getting my covid vaccine as soon as I am able.

8.) Most people do not fully understand the definition of quarantine. And, it's not their fault. We have done a crappy job of explaining it. Myself included.

9.) Procrastination can bite you in the butt. I am a notorious last minute Christmas shopper and this year, it will show. I am very thankful for my Elves (you know who you are). XOXO

10.) Despite my procrastination, and inability to Christmas shop this year, I realized I, in fact, did not miss the hustle, bustle, crowds, and lines. Note to self: order online early next year....

And lastly, covid can turn serious in even the healthiest people. If I woke this morning feeling like I did yesterday, I was taking myself in for a chest x-ray. Thank goodness, I felt better today. Never underestimate a virus. Especially a novel virus that we know so little about.

My Christmas Wish is for everyone to be healthy and happy this holiday season. And, this time next year, we will all be immune from covid and spending time with family and friends discussing this crazy year we have had!

Merry Christmas!


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