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When the year doesn't go as planned...

You look up and it is almost October.

How can a year fly by so fast while simultaneously feel like the longest year of your life?

I had many hopes, dreams, aspirations, but mainly PLANS for 2020 that just did not work out. And, I know I am not alone.

My husband and I opened a local art gallery in 2019 never imagining the success we would experience. We had 10 art shows, represented over 50 local artists, conducted art classes, and started a mural project in our downtown area in less than one year.

I could not wait for 2020. More shows, new local artists, collaborations with other galleries, more murals and community art projects...

But, 2020 planned something different. When covid-19 hit early Spring, our little art gallery became a very quiet place.

For public safety and personal expense, we chose to close the gallery doors for nearly 3 months.

After reopening in June, we had successful shows. Trying to slowly get back into a groove. Then, our little gallery and us were looking for a new home.

A beach trip that almost didn't happen, wild fires surrounding our oldest, her husband, and my grand-cats in Oregon (while we sat helpless hoping they were safe), searching for a new home, a new location for our gallery, and watching friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors deal with the corona virus and it's ancillary damage to small businesses, families, careers, and everyone's mental health.

Losing weight, creating a healthy lifestyle, being a healthier person just did not make the top 10 for many of us.

In fact, there has been a term, "the covid fifteen" coined and I believe for many, the number is greater than fifteen!

What better time to cope with food? Eat your emotions? Eat out of boredom or a change in your daily routine?

Is this a reason to abandon your goals for a healthier life and a leaner body?

Of course, you know the answer. But, how much change and disruption in life must we endure before we throw our hands up and quit?

I've said it many times before but it is worth repeating: CHANGE IS HARD

So, what do we do when we are faced with the unexpected?

We adapt, avoid, and adjust. But, mostly, we remember the ABCs of weight management:

A: Action (often one that is out of our control)

B: Belief (our belief associated with that action whether true, learned, or mythical)

C: Consequence (our reaction that stems from the belief about the initial action)

Let's go back to my problems and use that example:

Action: covid-19 forced me to cancel art shows, art classes, and close my gallery doors for nearly 3 months

Belief: my negative thought pattern associated with these events telling myself "we can never recover from this" or "we may never open back and have a successful art show again"

Consequence: I lose hope, do not make an effort to reopen and regain normalcy, leading to a self-prophecy and the art gallery failing

We cannot control "A" and often "B" is hardwired into our psyche and we must identify dysfunctional thought patterns in order to change them.

However, "C" (our reaction and subsequent consequence) is completely, 100% in our control.

This formula can be applied to any scenario and I welcome you to use this formula for yourself to discover what has kept you from your weight loss goal in 2020.

Think positive!


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