What I Do:

As a Doctorate of Nursing Practice and a Certified Health Coach, I assist you with the problems of  weight gain and the struggle to lose weight. Through education on healthier lifestyle modifications, behavioral changes, coping strategies, and diet plans, you can find weight loss success. Losing weight is not complicated. There are thousands of "diets" out there and it can be confusing and misleading. I provide the basic, scientifically based facts to my weight loss therapy. I also provide assistance with willingness to change, behavioral changes that will benefit you in your weight loss journey, and empower you with the knowledge and skills to not only lose the weight but to keep it off successfully.  The resources I provide will equip you with the information and power you need to change your life, become healthier, thinner, and happier. 

I find no greater joy than seeing the flame flicker in someone's eye when they realize THEY have what it takes to change their lives. To have the privilege to share their journey, to be their confidant, their cheerleader, and counsel brings a satisfaction to my life that I cannot explain. I simply LOVE what I do! Watching others make positive and healthier changes in life impacts so much more than just one's weight. I see others become happier, more self-confident, more out-going, and successful in life. This is a win-win job.

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Who I Help:

I work one-on-one, with groups, at guest speaking engagements, and with industry and corporations to assist their employees in healthier lifestyle initiatives. I help those struggling to lose weight to achieve their goals and make permanent changes through empowering you with the knowledge you need to lose the weight, be healthier, and maintain your weight loss. 

You are the star player. I am merely your coach. Here, on the sidelines, to give you instructions and call the plays. To teach you the ropes, the basics of the game, and to help you along the way. But like any good coach, I am teaching you skills that will serve you a lifetime. You will not need me forever. You will become the master of your own weight loss game. My greatest passion is teaching you skills to get you through the post-game. Skills that will help you maintain that victory.

You can receive my free weekly newsletter, schedule one-on-one weight loss support and counseling, or schedule a group session for yourself and friends, your Sunday school class, ladies groups, organizations, and companies. I also provide public speaking on topics such as: weight loss and depression, how stress effect your weight, lifestyle changes, behavioral techniques for successful weight loss, and basic educational information on what to eat, when to eat it, and how to eat it. I also work with businesses, industries, and corporations to initiate employee wellness programs. You can reach me at angela@angelafordjones.org

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