WEIGH BEYOND the DIET: because it is more than just losing pounds...it is about a lifestyle, a feeling, and a state of mind!

My online weight loss program is specifically designed to help you start losing weight right away! No waiting for an available appointment to get started. Using proven weight loss research strategies and professional experience, my online program is tailored to give you results and fit your busy lifestyle in a safe, convenient environment.

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Weight Loss

It seems like a simple concept, but would there be such a huge marketing industry full of food, pills, and programs (all offering the magic to weight loss) if it were? It is difficult and like most difficult things, it

Weigh Beyond the DIET: Angela’s Online Weight Loss Program

Let me help you lose weight, develop a healthier lifestyle, and make permanent changes. A personalized, comprehensive, and individualized program.

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Need a speaker for a corporate function, conference, or event? I speak to groups, big and small, on weight loss and healthy living.

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"Thanks to you, I have been able to not feel ashamed to discuss the struggles of weight loss. You talk with me like a friend, not a doctor, and act like you genuinely care, which means more than you will ever know. You help me identify stress eating, boredom eating, etc. Thank You. I wouldn’t be able to be where I am with out you. I may not be where I need to be, but it’s a constant every day struggle, and having you there by my side, is the best thing anyone could ever ask for!"

-K. Hatcher

"Love, love, love Dr. Angela Ford Jones. Dr. Jones is in my opinion the best, most caring, concerned, doctor ever. What a slow going journey through weight loss that mine has been. However, Dr. Jones has been so understanding and helpful wherever and whenever she could. Thank you Dr. Jones!"

- M. Luster

"Angie's direction and support is helping me find my way to better health. I've done many different diets since the age of 10 and now at 48 find all the options exhausting and discouraging. Angie's experience is helping me choose a path that seems to be working for me. I've lost 40 pounds and I'm learning how to make choices for better health."

- R. Jones

What I Do

I believe integrity is most important when offering your expertise to another. I want you to know that when you hire me, you will receive services from a licensed, credentialed professional:

What is a Health Coach?

Certified Health Coach with National Society of Health Coaches


Doctor of Nursing * Nurse Practitioner

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