Are you ready for a change??


It is inevitable. We all must experience it in some form or fashion and on many occasions in our lives.

Sometimes change is pleasant. Sometimes change is painful. Some changes we initiate ourselves while other times it is thrust upon us.

This ultimately determines how we view change. That is why making the decision to change your lifestyle, change your eating habits, and change your health is something only YOU can do!

Family can suggest it, your healthcare provider can prescribe it, and your friends can invite you to participate with them in it but YOU must make the decision to change or else you will not succeed.

This brings me to the first step in the process of successful weight loss, successful lifestyle modification, and successful maintenance:

 Willingness to Change

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Angela is a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Health Coach, and a member of The National Society of Health Coaches and The American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She has spent many hours of continuing education studying nutrition, weight loss, and weight management. After striving to help others in her busy practice become healthier and happier with themselves, she has decided to take her knowledge and passion to a larger audience. Sign up for her weekly newsletter to receive her very own:

15 Traits of Truly Healthy People


I finally saw Angela Jones, APRN, on February 2, 2015. Angie is a nurse practioner (although I'll call her my "doctor" just 'cause it's easier to type). She specializes in weight loss and is also a health coach. I told her about the shot and not qualifying for diet pills because of prior heart issues. She did an EKG and said my heart looked good. We decided that I would continue what I had been doing. I left her office that day feeling like I had an ally in my fight...So, almost 7 months into my journey... I am making healthier decisions about what I eat and drink, I am being more active, and I have lost over 60 pounds. If you see me out and about, you'll see that I am still fat. I still walk with a cane. I'm not where I want to be, but I AM MAKING PROGRESS! And I'm happy with that.

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